Benefits of Referrals

Referral programs are on the rise for everything from gym memberships to credit cards; with their growing popularity, you may be wondering whether or not trying out a new product or service using a referral program benefit is really worth it. Let's take a closer look at the top benefits you'll get when signing up for a referral program, whether a friend is sending you a referral link or you're planning on sharing them with your own friends.


Benefit #1: You can try new services for free or at a great discount

Depending on the type of referral program you use, you will be able to try a new service or product for free--or at a great discount that you can only receive when using a referral perk. This makes referral programs a great way to try out something new, especially if it’s something you’d been considering but didn’t want to risk spending money on yourself.



Benefit #2: You’re not the only one who gets perks

One of the great things about referral programs is that the best ones let two people benefit from them--the person receiving the referral and the person who sent it out in the first place! How much the original party will benefit is going to depend on the company and type of referral, but they will typically receive a benefit nearly equal to the one you’ll enjoy as a referral recipient.


Benefit #3: You can expand your horizons

It may sound cliche, but when you take advantage of the perks of referral programs, what you’re actually doing is opening up your horizons to new experiences and products in your life. For instance, if you sign up for a gym membership using a friend’s referral link and get 2 months free to try out a new gym, you may find that those 2 months at the gym have inspired you to renew your lease on a healthy, active life. And even if the referral is for something less life-altering, like 1-month’s worth of special home meal delivery kits, you can still expand your horizons by giving something a "go" (such as a chef-prepared home meal kit!) that you’d be afraid to try otherwise.


Benefit #4: You can give expensive memberships or products a test drive

Referral programs are great for letting you get a taste of an otherwise expensive membership, service or product before fully committing yourself. Many referral programs offer you a free month or two at various subscription-based companies--such as gyms, clubs, monthly product subscriptions, etc; or even free samples of the products, such as free meal kits, gadgets, and more. This lets you review the quality and general vibe of the service or product, which in turn lets you decide whether or not you’d like to continue on with it.


Remember: Always review the ins-and-outs of referral program requirements and details before purchasing anything using a referral link.

Oct 29 ,2018

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