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Best Food Delivery Services

Meal delivery services have truly revolutionized dinnertime—or whatever time of the day you feel like grabbing a bite to eat without having to leave the comfort of your home. There are a lot of meal delivery services out there, so we’ve narrowed it down to the best meal delivery services active today. And as a special treat, all of the delivery services featured here come with referral programs, so you earn points and money towards your first orders!


UberEATS is one of the most well-known meal delivery services out there, and for good reason: it has a wider range than other services and is recognizable due to be under the 'Uber' brand. You can use UberEATS with local restaurants and even track where your food is using the UberEATS app. If you use Uber, you can access UberEATS using your Uber log-in details.

UberEATS’ has several promos and referral program options:

  • $10 off your first meal when you first sign-up
  • $5 referral credit when you send the $5 promo code to friends or family; once they use their $5 credit, you'll get a $5 credit in return!

Door Dash

DoorDash is a meal delivery service that partners up with local restaurants to provide delivery in the nearby area. Unique to DoorDash is the 45 minutes or your money back guarantee, which ensures a speedy delivery. Naturally, if you're crunched for time, DoorDash is definitely the service to choose.

DoorDash also has promos and referral programs available:

  • $7 off your first order over $10 when you sign up for the first time
  • Special referral credits for drivers who send out referral codes to new DoorDash drivers; when the new DoorDash driver reaches a certain amount of deliveries, both parties will receive anywhere from $25 to several hundred dollars in their account.


SkipTheDishes is a relatively newer meal delivery service that originated in Canada, but they have now expanded into multiple major cities throughout the U.S. as well. SkiptheDishes partners with local restaurants to deliver food right to your door.

SkiptheDishes has some great referral programs:

  • $7 credit for every friend you refer to the service; you receive the credit when that friend makes an order
  • $7 credit when you sign up using a referral link for the first time

With so many great delivery service options out there, you’ll be enjoying a delicious meal in no time at all! And what better way to try a new delivery service with a referral discount! Check out IUNGO.ME and Start Earning Rewards by Sharing Your Referral Codes and Links to be Used by Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime!

Feb 13 ,2019

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