Introducing IUNGO

Introducing IUNGO = I connect

Latin - Pronunciation

Verb / iungō; third conjugation

Companies that offer products and services ofter provides programs called "Referral Programs" or aka "Refer a Friend" programs. This programs reward you and the person you refer with discounts, bonuses, cash back, gift cards and much more, just to share your experience through a referral code or link, also provided by this companies.

Let's be honest... these referral programs are boring, tedious or simply, we don't have the time to push or friends and family to try or use new products. We thought that there has to be a better way! 

We have created IUNGO thinking of you... In our every day we always talk about products and services that we use to our friends and family but we rarely get something in return for doing so. This is where IUNGO comes in.

We believe that referrals should be easy, fun and rewarding... that is why IUNGO is THE platform where everyone connects with each other and share their referral codes and links from products and services they use every day, sharing their experience and opinions about them and give them the possibilities to ask questions and more!

There is always someone out there looking to try a new product or service, why not to share and help each other?

We have created the Ultimate Referral Platform and we are improving every day with new and awesome features. Visit our platform and check out new products and services every week with tons of great rewards or come and share your own referral codes and links with our community!

Welcome to the Ultimate Referral Platform! Welcome to IUNGO!



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Aug 25 ,2017

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