Looking for a Design?

Are you looking for a great design for your website, organization, or business? Whether you are looking for attractive logo designs, a brand new website banner, a flyer for a local event, or even a video, there’s one great place to turn to in search of great design work: freelancing sites.

Freelancing sites are a hub for freelancers who can offer completely custom work for any type of design job. Best of all, there are even freelancing sites that offer referral programs, so you can really get some bang for your buck.

The following are the 3 best sites to check out when you need a new design.


Fiverr is a freelancing site that offers custom design work (along with any other type of work you might need done) starting from $5. There are countless freelancers on Fiverr to choose from, and finding the right one is easy using the search filter system that lets you filter results based on reviews, experience, and more.

Fiverr's referral program works like this: you get a special referral link that you can share with friends privately or on social media; if they sign up using that link, they will get 20% off their first purchase while you get 20% of how much they spend on their first order up to $100.


Freelancer is a freelancing site that offers custom design work and other freelance-based work for a variety of prices. As with other freelancing hub sites, users can post job listings or search for freelancers that may fit their needs.

Freelancer’s referral program works like this: you get a special affiliate program link which you can send to your friends; if they sign up for Freelancer using your link, they will get a $20 USD to spend on your first project on Freelancer of $50 or more. You also will get a percentage of their project fees for any purchases they make through posted projects on the site. This referral bonus is active for the first 100 days of their membership.

Design Contest

DesignContest is a unique site that lets you look for freelancers by posting 'contests' of the work you need to be done. After your contests are posted, designers will begin submitting entries; you can then pink your winner (or even set multiple prize winners) from the lot.

Design Contest's referral program works like this: after you register for the site, you can share your unique referral link. Your referral will get a $49 bonus for all kinds of contest design categories and you will get a $30 Amazon Gift card for every friend that starts a project at DesignContest. Once your friend completes the project you will get an email with the Amazon gift card code. Invite as many friends as you like and get $30 every time!

Looking for a Design? Act Today!

If you are looking for a design—no matter the nature or scope of the project—then you are sure to find the right freelancer on any of the above 3 sites. Use IUNGO to get your reward by using some of our referral codes & links!—With IUNGO you can save and make money without lifting a finger.

Mar 16 ,2019

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