Save on Grocery Shopping

Online grocery shopping is the newest way to make shopping for groceries more convenient--and potentially less expensive. There are many ways you can save money with online grocery shopping, ranging from taking advantage of exclusive online deals to buying in bulk to utilizing referral programs to get cash back that you can then use towards your next grocery purchases. There are a lot of online grocery shopping programs out there, so we’ve narrowed it down to the very best ones that offer referral programs to help you earn money while you spend!


Boxed is a grocery delivery service that helps you save money by offering warehouse-style shopping prices without the costly membership fees of certain companies. Most Boxed orders even come with free shipping!

Boxed's referral program works by giving you $15 in credit for every person you refer to Boxed; when that person makes their first purchase, you'll get a $15 credit to your account and they'll get a $15 discount on their purchase.




FreshDirect is a unique service that offers next-day and sometimes same delivery for a variety of fresh groceries, including meats, fish, fruits, vegetables as well as pantry goods. FreshDirect even offers deli and meal options for when you don’t want to spend time creating your own meals.

FreshDirect’s referral program works by encouraging you to share a referral link on your social media page. If someone signs up for FreshDirect using your referral link, they will get a $25 discount on their first order--and you'll get a $25 credit to use on FreshDirect.



PeaPod is an ultra-saver delivery service that lets you take advantage of weekly specials, lets you use coupons (even manufacturer coupons, which they double up to 99 cents!) as well as 60 days of free delivery for all new customers. Customers who frequently use PeaPod may choose to purchase a PodPass, which comes with unlimited free deliveries per year.

PeaPod’s referral program is a special Give $25, Get $25 promotion that lets you share referral links with friends. If they sign up for PeaPod and make a purchase, they'll get a $25 discount on their first order, and you'll receive a $25 credit to your account.


Walmart Grocery

Walmart Grocery is the grocery delivery component of the Walmart brand, which combines the discounts of Walmart shopping with the convenience of home grocery delivery. Walmart Grocery features regular discounts, including some not available when shopping in stores.

Walmart Grocery's referral program lets you send a referral link to your friends which will save them $10 on their first order from Walmart Grocery. Once they make their purchase, you'll get a $10 credit in your Walmart Grocery account.



Instacart is a unique grocery delivery service that works as a go-between for you and your favorite local stories, including shops such as Whole Foods, Target, and CostCo. InstaCart will pick up your online orders and deliver them to you within 2 hours.

Instacart’s referral program allows you to offer a referral link to friends, who will get a $10 discount on their first order of $35 or more. Once they make their purchase, you'll get a $10 credit in your Instacart account.


No matter what grocery delivery service you prefer there is always a way to save money through referral programs! Use IUNGO.ME and start earning rewards! Share your referral codes and links to be used by Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime!

Mar 03 ,2019

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