Taxi Service vs. Carpool

There are more options than every nowadays for people who need to get around without driving their own car. The most popular types of transportation services are taxi and carpool services, which both have advantages and disadvantages depending on your particular needs. Many of these services also offer useful referral programs that help both drivers and passengers save and earn money for their trips. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between a taxi service and a carpool service in order to help you decide which is the best option.

Carpool Services

Carpool services coordinate multiple passengers who need a ride; similar to traditional “carpooling,” people ride in one car together rather than going to their destination individually. Carpooling services will coordinate rides based on passenger location and destination in order to determine the best routes.

Waze Carpool

Waze Carpool’s referral program works by giving both drivers and passengers a special referral promo code that will give them $20 rewards for every new user who signs up using their promo code. This promo code works whether the user signs up as a passenger or a driver.

Scoop Carpool

Scoop Carpool's referral program allows for each carpooler and driver to be given a referral code that they can hand out to other members of the service; every time the referral code is entered, the initial user will receive 2 Carpool Credits on their account. Carpool Credits allow users to cover the cost of carpool rides or, for drivers, earn them bonus payments to their account.

Taxi Services

Taxi services allow for individual or group riders to arrange for personal transportation without needing to carpool. Taxi services are popular because they offer private rides to destinations based on time and gas mileage and don’t require coordinating with a group.


Juno's referral program works by allowing users to invite their friends to join the site; when new users take their first ride, both the initial user and referred user will receive a 30% discount on trips taken for the next 2 weeks.


Lyft's referral program works by sending both passengers and drivers special referral codes which they can send to friends or family who want to sing up for the site. When the referred user signs up for Lyft and meets a threshold for a predesignated amount of trips, the initial user (whether they are a driver or passenger) will receive a bonus depending on their location and other pre-determined factors.


Uber's referral program works like this: all Uber account holders are given a special invite promo code that they can share with people interested in setting up a driver or rider account. When the new user requests their first trip or the new driver completes a designated number of trips, both the initial user and the new user will receive a special bonus.

Regardless of whether you prefer to use carpooling services or taxi services, both you and other users can greatly benefit by using referral programs to earn bonuses and promotional rewards. IUNGO makes it easy for you and others to earn rewards by sharring referral codes to be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Apr 02 ,2019

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