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At IUNGO we love referrals! Part of our effort to offer a platform to share referrals we also want to provide you with amazing products and services for you to try. For that same reason we offer 2 different memberships:

  • FREE: This membership allows you to upload and share up to 5 FREE referrals. You are allowed to change the products by editing the product on your profile account and that will help you keep earning rewards throughout the whole year.
  • PREMIUM: This membership allows you to upload and share UNLIMITED referrals and this helps you earn more rewards by sharing more referrals.

We are very interested in maintaining the quality of referrals we offer in IUNGO platform. Sometimes referral programs have expiration dates or other limitations so it's very important to read the Terms & Conditions of every product shared on the platform. 



Aug 08 ,2017

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